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My name is Svetlana, I was born in Ukraine, but due to the situation in my country I live in sunny Spain since March 2022.


My journey in yoga began in 2007. Searching for answers to the questions of "Who am I? Why am I here?" led me to Yoga 23. 


Yoga is a diamond with many facets. Each style starts from the same source and allows you to see the world and yourself in it from different sides.


I have passed dozens of training programs: Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga, Jivamukti yoga, Yin yoga, tantra, Vipassana meditation, Qigun, ecstatic dance, life coaching, craniosacral therapy.

Thanks to that I formed my own style and vision, I learned to adapt ancient techniques to any needs.


For 15 years of continuous yoga practice I have found contact with the inner truth of nature, I have learned to create my life, to be healthy physically and psychologically.


Since 2013 I have been sharing my experience and knowledge in group and individual sessions, online and offline. I create personal programs and courses.


My lessons are individual approach, harmonious combination of dynamics and static. Breathing is as a guide and meditation is as a natural state of peace and contentment.


Yoga has long gone beyond the mat, it is the philosophy of life and the way to know the depth of the heart.


I invite you to join me in a fascinating Yoga journey where new horizons and depth open up around every turn.


Offered Services

My range of courses and services gives you the flexibility to choose the type of yoga that best suits your needs and daily commitments. Take a minute to consult my offer and book the course that's right for you now.


Private Yoga session

I will create personalized programs according to your request, and we will practice at your convenience. Feedback and chat will allow you to get the results very soon.


Group Yoga session

Group Yoga class it's perfect way to explore technique and movement while building upon the collective energy in the room. 
We can develop even more strength and awareness when we work together.


Yoga Online Session

Take your practice at your own place, i will create personalized programs according to your request, and we will practice at your convenience.


Svetlana is a one of a rare yoga instructor with amazing energy. She’s knowledgeable about the different yoga styles. She creates unique lessons and communicates so well on her classes, making you feel very comfortable. At the end of every class you will feel a sense of relaxation and peace. I would definitely recommend her 

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